The Best Quick & Spooky Halloween Snack Ideas

Why is Halloween so Fang-tastic? Some love Halloween because they get to dress up and play pretend for the day, some love all of the candy (especially the special ones that only come out for Halloween, yes, you Mr. Candy Corn), and some love a great Halloween Party! Is that you? Are you having that epic Halloween party? Well, fear no more, we have the treats (and maybe a few tricks) for you! Happy Haunting!

Texas Trash

It may surprise you that Texas Trash comes together in less than 10 minutes! Use it as an easy party appetizer for feeding a crowd, package it up as a salty-sweet homemade gift for the holidays, or simply whip up a batch for curing your snack attacks any time of year! [Get Recipe…]

Halloween Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Spider cookies that look so cute you won’t want to eat them…but will you be able to resist the temptation? Sorry, cutesy spider. [Get Recipe…]

Slime Popcorn

Sticky, ooey gooey marshmallow popcorn is perfect for Halloween. Just add some green food dye, candy eyeballs, and you have a slime monster! [Get Recipe…]

Graveyard Halloween Brownies

Brownies that are as cute (and ghoulish) as they are easy to make! [Get Recipe…]

Spooky Halloween Brew

Spooky Halloween Party Punch is an age old recipe for a simple brew that is sooo tasty…and pretty creepy looking. This Spooktacular Brew can be concocted in mere minutes…once your frozen phalanges are ready of course. [Get Recipe…]

A Few More Blockbuster Recipes…Eat, drink and be scary!

The After Party

Did you try out some of our recipes? Were you the belle of the Halloween ball? Let us know. Drop a comment on this page and let us know what your favorite goulish treat was! Hope you had a bootiful Halloween!

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