Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

You’ve found the right home… Now comes the hard part, right?

Not so fast. You can easily reduce the stress of moving into a new home by planning ahead of time. We’ve created the only moving checklist you’ll ever need to make your move as painless as possible.

Your move into a new home will go more smoothly if you start the planning process at least two months ahead of time. Everyone’s schedule and experience will differ but the goal is to START!

Let’s get started.

2 months before you move

  • Research Moving Options. Are you moving yourself or hiring a professional? If hiring a professional look at reviews, get at least three quotes, and determine your budget. If moving yourself, start asking friends and family to help. Asking this far out in advance should allow enough time to find plenty of people to help.
  • Visit Your New Community. Before you move you’ll want to become more familiar with your neighborhood, community, and local amenities.
  • Research Schools & Doctors. If you’re not moving far from your current community, great! If you are however, you might need a new school for your children, a new doctor or dentist, or even a new gym (most require at least 30 days notice if you have to cancel your membership with your current gym).
  • Give Notice to Your Landlord. Some leases require a 60 day notice when moving out. Be sure to check your existing lease agreement for specific details on how to give notice.
  • Inventory your items and measure your furniture. Do you have any large, fragile, or oddly shaped items? Will these items require specialty movers, extra attention, or custom boxes? Inventorying your items will also help identify anything of value that you might have to file a claim on for lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  • Request time off from work. Moving your items is usually an all day event. Give yourself time to unpack and get settled in your new home. Also, your moving costs can go down if you move on a weekday instead of the weekend.
  • Deep clean your current home. Not only will this help you organize before you pack, but it will help ensure getting your security deposit back if your a renter or make it easier to sell if you’re selling your current home.

6 weeks before you move

  • Book a Truck Rental. If you’re moving yourself, start researching truck rental options and which locations might have specials or discounts. This is one piece of equipment on moving day you’ll be relieved you have on the books. Also, don’t forget to rent any necessary accessories you might need like a dolly or tow straps.
  • Schedule the movers. If you’re hiring a professional, don’t make moving any more expensive and stressful than it needs to be. Remember the list/quotes you got a couple of weeks ago? Narrow them down. Call them and ask if there are any additional discounts or deals. Make your choice and get your move on the books.
  • Start ordering supplies. Boxes, Packing Paper, tape…oh my! These items are a must so you might as well begin collecting them early. Looking to save some money? Check out your local stores…grocery, furniture, even liquor. There’s a good chance you can get all of your boxes for free! Be sure to call ahead and ask them to save you some before they destroy them for recycle.
  • Notify Schools of Your Move. Enrolling a child in school can be a tedious, time consuming endeavor. It’s best to start this process early so your child does not miss any time when moving to a new school.
  • Review Auto & Homeowners Insurance. Contact your insurance agents and alert them to your move. Do they do business in your new neighborhood or will you need to research alternative insurance providers?
  • Work on Small Repairs. Work on some of the simple repairs before you leave. Doing so will increase the chances of getting your security deposit back or selling your home.

1 month before you move

  • Contact your internet, TV, and utility providers.
  • Fill your prescriptions.
  • Host a garage sale. Donate possessions. Sell gently-used items.
  • Begin packing.

2 weeks before you move

1 week before you move

Moving Day is Here!!!

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