Proper Home Winterization Tips

We want to ensure the health and safety of our residents through proper home winterization. Last winter we learned that the state of Texas can be just as susceptible to winter weather as up north! As winter weather returns this season, please review our winter weather preparedness tips to keep you and your home safe.

Leave the Heat On

Maintain a minimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit even when away from the home.

Replace Your Air Filters

How long has it been since your air filters have been replaced? Your HVAC unit may fail to operate properly if it has a dirty filter. Buildup on the filter blocks airflow and causing it to shut down. Examine the filter to see if there is any excess buildup that might be preventing it from functioning properly. The standard rule of thumb is if you use 1-inch-thick filters, they should be changed once a month, however with 2-inch or other high-capacity pleated filters, you can usually go every other month before swapping them out. In either case, you should check your filters for build-up and replace them if necessary.

You can find most air filters at hardware stores such as Home Depot, and you can also find them in online stores such as Amazon. Make sure to check your HVAC unit so you can purchase the proper sized filter.

Winterize Outdoor Pipes and Water Valves

Turn off all exterior faucets and disconnect and drain any water hoses. Please cover the hose bib/faucet with a styrofoam cover or other winterizing device. In the event your home has a sprinkler system, please turn it off as well.

Report Power Outages

In the event of a power failure, please report the problem to your power company. You can also report an outage on Oncor’s website as well if you’re having trouble contacting your current provider.

Don’t forget to check out Oncor’s Storm Center which will show you all active outages across the state of Texas, as well as whether an outage might be specific to your area or a more widespread problem.

Please know, as much as Ameritex Property Management would like to help, we do not have the ability to fix power outages and/or contact your provider on your behalf.

Increase Warm Airflow

During very low temperatures, increase warm air circulation by opening cabinet doors under the sinks, especially when water lines are next to exterior walls.

Report Burst Water Lines

In the event of a burst water line, immediately turn off the interior water valve and report the problem via our emergency support phone number, 866-792-2045.

Reminder for Ameritex PM Residents: If you should experience any issues, please submit a maintenance request via the Ameritex Resident Portal, or for emergency support, please call 866-792-2045. As always, if you have an emergency, dial 911 to report a need for police, fire or medical assistance.

Ameritex Property Management provides a variety of quality smart homes for rent throughout the State of Texas. We pride ourselves in providing unmatched customer service and a rental process that is convenient and transparent for our residents.

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