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Home Trends: Smart Homes

Smart home technology is here to stay, and in fact, a recent study has shown that incorporating these products into your household help increase value and can shorten time on the market.

Each year, companies become more and more innovative as they press further into the smart home frontier, and while Amazon and Google continue to vie for top dog in the virtual assistant category, there are plenty of new developments that are sure to make a big impact in 2019.

Below is our list of trending products that will help your home stand out and give you convenient functionality at your fingertips.

Today, you can truly, “Set it and forget it!” If you are missing the reference, that was the famous line from a late night infomercial promoting the Ronco Rotisserie. With the ability to change temperature, set timers and start smart appliances remotely with an app or voice command, it makes controlling them a breeze. Studies like the one mentioned above also show that smart appliances have one of the largest return on investment.

While smart bulbs and plugs are seen as somewhat entry level to the smart home space, they both can make a big statement with very little effort. With minimal installation, smart bulbs give you the ability to set timers, control lighting groups or change color to match your mood. Smart plugs are just as easy to install and are some of the most versatile products when it comes to smart home products.

When the investor panel on Shark Tank passed on Doorbot, later to be renamed Ring (which eventually sold to Amazon for $1 Billion), they missed out on one of the most successful products to be on the reality show. That success says a lot about the smart home trend, but also speaks to how this product category has revolutionized home security. It has granted easier and more cost effective access to a sense of safety for home owners, and that resonates with people.

An overlooked category picking up steam in 2019, is smart bathroom technology. Despite being one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in a home (Inman Study), there has been a general lack of progress in the category. However, as last year was coming to a close there was several buzz worthy projects announced around smart mirrors and toilets as well as motion activated lighting for those late night pit stops. Be on the lookout as the bathroom looks to breakout in the smart home marketplace.

While we didn’t touch on all categories, the smart home is ever evolving. It is exciting to see what will be the next revolutionary item for our homes. Remember, smart technology products are not only a convenience, and as the market becomes more saturated certain smart home luxuries will be seen as standard or a necessity.

Let us know what your favorite smart home devices are below in the comment section.

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